System Diagnosis

Each different bus model have different standards for pressure readings. Hence, gas pressure measurement is the vital first step in system diagnosis. Any deviation from stated standards will indicate a problem. However, it is only upon closer inspection of each component, would the issue be uncovered.

General Repair & Maintenance

General Repair & Maintenance works include the replacement of blown fuses, reconnection of system wires, topping up of compressor oil and gas, as well as washing down of evaporator and condenser coils using heavy duty chemicals. Reparation and maintenance works are assessed on a case-by-case basis, and thus, not limited to the works as mentioned above.

Compressor Overhaul

Compressor Overhaul is performed on certain serviceable compressors after diagnosis by our specialists. The process includes dismantling the entire compressor, replacing the affected parts and cleaning before assembling them again. Stress tests are then conducted to ensure that the overhauled compressor functions as expected.

Air-Conditioning Installation

Air-Conditioning Systems varies from buses to buses. However, such process usually takes one working day as it involves the installation of the physical unit, applying insulation for the unit, setting the wiring path for the electrical cables and test-running the entire air-conditioning system for the vehicle.