Our Approach

So you might be wondering how we approach every project we undertake.
We follow a series of procedures to ensure every little issue is paid attention to.

Step 1: Enquiry & Diagnosis

Upon receiving an enquiry, our office staff will schedule an appointment with each customer. On the appointment date, our technicians will perform a system diagnosis to identify potential causes of the issues on hand. Thereafter, the customer will be briefed accordingly before any action is taken. Alternative solutions will also be recommended to better meet our customers' limitations and requirements.

Step 2: Action & Inspection

After a decision is made by the customer, our technicians will undertake the necessary actions to rectify the identified issues. At the same time, an overall health-check will be performed on the vehicle to ensure no other underlying problems exists. The customer will be informed should any other issues exists, and appropriate recommendations will be made by our staff.

Step 3: System Test & Reiteration

After replacing the faulty parts, our technicians will perform various kinds of tests such as stress tests and drive tests to certify the issues has been resolved. In cases where the problem persists, the entire process will be reiterated until every single issue has been taken care of.

Step 4: After-Service

Within two working days of handing over the vehicle, our office staff will contact each customer for a follow-up to firstly, enquire whether the problems has been resolved and secondly, to gather feedback with regards to our service. This is to maintain good customer relationship and provide better service for future customers.